Ofer Park משרדים להשכרה בחיפה Petah Tikva

Melisron Ltd.

Melisron Ltd. is Israel’s leading real estate company in the field of shopping malls and commercial centers.

Melisron Ltd. is a public company, controlled by Ofer Investments Ltd. Melisron shares are traded on the Tel Aviv 25 Index, the Real-Estate 15 Index in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company’s bonds are rated IlA+ / Stable by the Standard & Poor’s Maalot rating company.

Melisron retains ownership of a large number of shopping malls and commercial centers throughout Israel. The assets owned by Melisron in this sector, include: Ofer ha Kiryon Mall in the suburbs of Haifa, Ofer Ramat Aviv Mall, Ofer Big Mall in Petah Tikva, Ofer Rehovot Mall, Ofer Grand Canyon Mall in Haifa, Ofer Lev Hadera Mall, Ofer Hasharon Mall in Netanya Ofer Bilu Center Outlet Complex, Ofer Marom Center in Ramat Gan, Hutsot HaMifratz Outlet Complex, Ofer Kneyoter Ness Ziona, Ofer Adumim Mall in Ma’ale Adumim, Ofer Queen of Sheba Mall in Eilat and more.

In addition, Melisron works in the field of management maintenance, development and improvement of office towers and the high-tech industry. Assets owned by Melisron in this sector include: Ofer Park in Petah Tikva, which is considered the most modern business and technology center in Israel, the property is occupied by leading international companies such as IBM, Intel, Marvell and Polycom, who have established their home offices in the Park), Park Ofer Sha’ar HaCarmel, south of Matam Haifa, Park Ofer Shaar Yokneam in the Mavo Yokneam Industrial Park and the Millennium House in Ra’anana.

In recent years, Melisron’s volume of activity and capacity to create value for its shareholders have both shown significant growth. In addition, Melisron has gained an advances level of expertise in the acquisition, management, development, initiation and improvement of rental properties, with an emphasis on malls, commercial centers, office buildings and the high-tech industry.

Economic power and a strong financial base.
Development construction and management of high-tech parks,
industrial parks, commercial and office buildings,
shopping malls and commercial centers.